About Game Theory

Game Theory is a casual 10 man WoW guild on the Proudmoore US server. GT was founded at the end of Vanilla WoW by a group of players who wanted a late night PST progression focused guild without a crippling raid schedule. Like many guilds, GT transitioned to a casual 10 near the end of the WotLK expansion and today we continue to raid with the goal of seeing all of the raid content and as many achievements as possible on a casual schedule, currently 6 hours a week (from 8:30 to 11:30 on Thursdays and Mondays).

Our rules are simple and generally boil down to Rule 0: Don't be a dick. This includes your fellow guildmates and other players in the game. Loot is random rolled during a raid, with players encouraged not to roll on more than one contested item per raid unless everyone else rolling for it has already won an item. We're happy to gear up off-specs rather than shard loot. We maintain a well stocked guild bank and provide repair costs, consumables, enchants, gems, and food to our raiders.

GT runs with a slightly larger roster to accommodate busy real life schedules. We encourage signing up or notifying the raid leaders of potential missed raids ahead of time. On signup, a random number is assigned with raid roster priority given to the highest rolls after raid composition and necessary roles are filled.

GT also welcomes casual players, along with friends and family of guild members (18 and over).