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G'huun Gone!

The first raid of Battle for Azeroth is complete and heroic G'huun and his minions are gone! Excellent effort from everyone involved!

We started this tier with a lot of new faces after a very successful off season recruitment effort. We are regularly raiding with 20-25 members which is wonderful to see after our numbers were much lower at the end of Legion. Looking forward to some achievement runs, Timewalking Black Temple, a few mythic pulls and some well deserved holiday celebrations while we wait for the next raid release in early January!

Ghuun kill screenshot
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Argus Accomplished!

The Legion expansion has been fantastic! We've had a great time with all the raids and Antorus was a great capstone! Argus is dead and the Legion is finished!

(We all know that the Coven was the TRUE endboss.)

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Crashing Kil'jaeden

This post is extremely late, we took down Heroic Kil'jaeden two months ago. Whoops!

Illidan, Khadgar, what are you doing in our Kill Shot AGAIN?

Antorus is out and we are already smashing it!

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With Gul'dan dead, the Nighthold is clear and the Nightwell is gone. This was a challenging raid. Several of the bosses were particularly tough. Notably Spellblade Aluriel, High Botanist Tel'arn and Gul'dan himself. We felt that the Botanist was the hardest boss of the instance! He was very tough and we had more trouble on him than Gul'dan. (Part of that was likely our melee-heavy raid, but we found a way to win!) We got a bit nervous when patch 7.2 came out and we didn't know how much time we had left before the Tomb of Sargeras, but we stuck with it and are Ahead of the Curve!

Nighthold was a fun instance, bring on the Tomb of Sargeras!

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The Trial of Valor was a rough follow-up to the Emerald Nightmare. Helya in particular was very tough! No matter, we took her down and passed the test! I'd say we had proven ourselves to Odyn, but as soon as he wants something again, he'll have conveniently forgotten everything we've done.

On to the Nighthold to stop Elisande and end Gul'dan!

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Nightmare Cleansed

Legion is here and we have been having a ton of fun! With lots of new recruits and lots of things to do, we've still managed to do some raiding. We have now cleared all of Heroic Nightmare!

Bring on the Trial of Valor and the Nighthold!

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The Black Gate Falls

Thus did Archimonde fall for a second time, therefore Game Theory took his sweet loot and much rejoicing was to be heard! This was quite the Heroic feat and as a fitting reward, everyone now rides upon a moose! It was a VERY tough fight and the victory was thrilling!

This expansion's raiding has been a lot of fun! In some ways, it has been the best raiding that the World of Warcraft has ever known. The Flex system on Normal and Heroic raids is utterly FANTASTIC for a raid group like ours. I love having everyone raid and not needing to make anyone sit out. Warlords of Draenor has been fun, but it's final raid has come to a close. Old friends have returned and new ones have joined us. We will be here raiding once again when Legion is released later this year.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Game Theory, I look forward to more fun times ahead, beating up demons!

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Defiler Defeated

Another tough final boss, as it should be for the final raid of the expansion. Even on Normal, Archimonde is no pushover. This fight was more fun than Blackhand, which was a frustrating and annoying fight. Archimonde is tough, but fun. Truly a team effort to get all the moving parts of this fight under control, especially the Nether Banishes and Infernals of the final phase.

Topped it off by taking down Heroic Socrethar too. That's 13/13 Normal and 11/13 Heroic. Awesome accomplishment by everyone!

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Blackhand Crumbles

This was back on June 10th, but we did take down Heroic Blackhand when he was current, before Hellfire Citadel came out. He was a SUPER rough final boss with some nasty mechanics. It took a LOT of work and some extremely frustrating wipes, but we got him and VERY glad of it!

Game Theory, you rock!

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Bridge Over Troubled Lava

Here lies a Bridge. Beyond it, Blackhand! Game Theory has had a fantastic time raiding Blackrock Foundry and just this week we extinguished the Blast Furnace on Heroic difficulty. That puts us at 9/10 Heroic!

We are very glad to have many new members in our ranks and look forward to fighting and defeating Blackhand. We already know it's an intense, tightly-tuned fight, but we are up to the challenge. Onward!


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