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Out for a bit

Sorry guys but I have been extremely busy between my daughter's volleyball and work and what not just haven't had the desire to play WoW as much lately and this xpac just isn't holding my interest with everything else going on. So with that said I will be on and off playing WoW but can't commit to raiding at this time. If I am on and can I will gladly join in but I just cant commit with everything happening and will only get busier between coaching my daughter's club volleyball team after Christmas and work/family stuff.

Hope this doesn't leave anyone in a lurch which I know it won't as we have such a strong guild and killed to many bosses without me to worry about! Thanks!

come back, let's do mythic

come back, let's do mythic Uldir! The next raid doesn't open until Jan 22nd, let's get geared :)

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