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Flasks and cauldrons

I'm guessing this already the plan, but I wanted to call it out publicly. We shouldn't be using individual flasks anymore right? Given our raid size, it's more efficient to make cauldrons, which at least 2 of us can do at level 3 (chance at bonus cauldrons!). Many of us are herbalists/alchemists and we're spending too much anchor weed if we're all flasking individually going forward. Frankly, farming anchor weed is a pain, so we should try to make our flasks as efficient as possible right? I'm going to make a cauldron for the raid next week, and contribute herb mats to the guild bank going forward.

Affectionately yours,

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Hey Grealt,

Making cauldrons is definitely what we aim to do. There was a post below talking about raid mats and asking people to start donating to the guild bank, but it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. I've got several cauldrons made up, so you don't need to make one unless you'd like to, the more people helping the better!

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We always intend to do

We always intend to do cauldrons. Last release we all basically left farming herbs to Sere and he was able to take care of cauldrons for the guild. I think this release that is just not realistic. Given the rarity of anchor weed and the cost we may need to go to a required donation in order to raid if people don’t start stepping up on their own. Since I have been with GT we have never had any kind of “dues” to raid but if we can’t get people to step up voluntarily I will take that step.

So I think we have 10 cauldrons right now due to a lucky proc so that is about 4-5 raids worth at two cauldrons a night which we can usually get by with given the number of alchemist we have. If we get to the last 3 of those and don’t have enough anchor weed donated to make more we will set up a required donation before raiding can continue beyond those.

We will still only be using flasks for heroic pulls though, I do not believe in wasting that level of resources for normals.


So just to speak from my

So just to speak from my personal experience as an alchemist. I farmed anchor weed to make myself a bunch of flasks because I was under the impression I needed flasks to raid. I'm happy to donate the flasks I have in my bank for cauldrons with the understanding that I will then not personally have flasks for raid.

Beyond that though, as an alchemist I would prefer if I could donate flasks to the guild rather then anchorweed because I still need to level my alchemy up to 150.

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Reasonable request


That is a completely reasonable request! I will keep that in mind if/when we get to the point of required donations. The only “risk” with that is we get a glut of one kind of flask but I think we can off set that by the anchor weed donations. I think it will be more “cost effective” for alchemist to donate flasks, and herbalist and non-alchemist to donate anchor-weed.

As I said I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that and guildies will just step up like we have done in the past to cover what we need to move forward!


herb follower equipment

One way that people can help with Anchor weed, even if they're not herbalists, is to equip your followers with Potions of herb tracking. I have 3 across my followers, and they bring back anchor weed (and other herbs) quite often. They're pricey on the AH, but I believe they'll easily pay for themselves over the course of the expansion.

If you happen to care, here's my follower set-up which I think is pretty strong:
1) Magister Umbric - potion of herb tracking. His "Spacial Rift" ability cuts mission time in half, so you can do twice as many missions / herb runs
2) Keylsey Steelspark - potion of herb tracking and Storm Silver Spurs. She's the only follower that can have two pieces of equipment. The potion brings back herbs and the spurs cut mission time for... MOAR MISSIONZ!!!
3) John J. Keeshan - potion of herb tracking. His abilities give high success chance on nearly any mission.

If you have the above 3 followers equipped properly they can 200% nearly any mission while cutting the time by 70%. Download the WoW app and send them on missions every couple of hours. I average about 15 anchor weed a week from this, and many other incidental herbs.

TLDR: Followers can be herbalists for anyone in the guild willing to invest in a couple Potions of Herb Tracking! Perpetual cauldrons, here we come!

-- Grelt

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