Meeting Adjourned!

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This Council of the troll Elders is no longer in deliberations. They're sequestered now. In their graves. That's the end of the trolls for this raid! (Blizzard will have more trolls later, they're endless.) This was the most surprising fight so far. Our first strategy was viable, but turned out to be very tough and resulted in a lot of frustrating wipes. We made one tweak, which seems fairly minor, by having the Mar'li tank (Swipe) get aggro on her and then attack Sul. The difference in the fight was incredible! Just two pulls with that change and the trolls died easily! It's amazing how simple the fight is when Sul doesn't empower.

A good example of questioning strategy. Shifting something small can have a big impact. We should remember to not be afraid to try different things. Next up: Turtle punting!