A-maze-ing Sight!

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What looks so good? Game Theory next to a dead Durumu! Or is he sleeping? First boss I can remember that looks like he's just sleeping, not dead... He'll wake up in a minute and yell at us crazy kids for having a party on his lawn. PHASE FOUR!

Durumu is a cool fight. I like the randomness of the Light and Maze phases. They are different every time, but the random is easy to adjust to. It helps keep the fight fresh without being frustrating. He turned out to not be very hard! Practicing in LFR and Blizzard's changes to the maze must have helped because we downed Durumu in just a single night! From what I hear, the next four bosses aren't very hard either. The only challenge left is Lei Shen himself! Boss kill post spam incoming.

Awww, he looks so tired! He was just lonely and wanted friends to play with. WHAT HAVE WE DONE??