Breaking the Thunder King's Toys

Skarn's picture

Lei Shen makes some weird stuff. A funky eyeball that shoots colored light. A mutating lizard that sleeps in ooze. A bunch of toy robots? Wait, they're powered by some sort of blood, ooze stuff? Lei Shen's gotta rethink his toy making business. There are going to be massive recalls when some 3 year old drinks the blood Anima and leaves their own "Crimson Wake." A noble effort to make some cool toys, Lei Shen! Then again, maybe that's why they are stuck in your basement?

Dark Animus is a very interesting fight, but also a very odd one. A huge chunk of the fight is just setting it up right at the start. After that it's very simple and the boss himself is nearly a Patchwerk-style burn fight for the DPS. (Healers are more challenged.) The concept is very cool, but it doesn't seem to have worked out the way Blizzard wanted it to. Oh well! I like that they are mixing it up, this one made us think differently, which is pretty cool. Onward to the final Mogu!