Thunder Fades and Silence Reigns

Skarn's picture

With one final Crash, Lei Shen has fallen. The Thunder King rules no more! After some good pulls - and many bad ones - we took Lei Shen down in a glorious, amazingly clean kill. The fight is truly an epic one with a lot of moving parts, including many ways for the raid to mess up. We used a lot of those, but I'm sure we could find more! Definitely a cool fight and a fun one, when it all clicks. Frustrating when it doesn't click, but that's normal!

Thus we have cleared all the bosses in the Throne of Thunder on Normal mode! Fantastic job, Game Theory! There are several weeks left until the next raid, the Siege of Orgrimmar, so we have some time to relax a bit, re-clear for more loot and kill some Heroic bosses. See you in Azeroth!