Storms and Feathers

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The Siege of Orgrimmar is coming up soon, so to keep busy we've been smashing things in the Throne of Thunder. Since the death of Lei Shen, we've taken down the Heroic versions of Jin'rokh and Ji-kun!

Heroic Jin'rokh was a big pain. Most of the fight didn't take much adjusting, but his Lightning Storm is substantially different. We had a LOT of wipes to that before finally getting through with enough people alive to kill him. Heroic Ji-kun was quite a bit easier! I'd definitely recommend her to any guild just starting Heroics. The main difference was finding someone to tank the extra adds on the Nests, so we pushed Darkguns to do it. :) He did a great job and even stayed alive! It felt great to get a couple Heroic kills in. We've got two weeks left, so we'll see if we can get any more!

Also, here is a FLYING BEAR.




I heard a rumor that real bosses have been killed in a real new raid instance.

Flying Bears are much better then pictures of progression