Cleansing the Vale

Skarn's picture

The first four bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar went down quickly. Immerseus is extremely easy and barely a boss. The only interesting part is at the beginning. The Fallen Protectors looks complicated, but is quite straight-forward. An easy fight once you learn you can just toss the Mark of Anguish to a tank. Much better second fight than Horridon!

Norushen probably gave us the most trouble, with the tightest enrage timer and highest healing requirements of the four. We found sending DPS to get Purified earlier made it much easier. Sha of Pride was an interesting fight, except for the tanks! They were pretty bored. Like the Protectors, it appears very complex, but is quite manageable. (Letting the tanks take care of one Prison made it significantly easier too.)

Overall a good start to the Siege! A little bit of challenge, but no brick walls. Progress is much smoother than in the Throne of Thunder. A fun raid instance so far, but it hurts to see the noble Protectors of the Vale, and the Vale itself, so twisted!