Tear Down the Walls!

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Assaulting Orgrimmar itself is hectic! There is a lot going on in these fights. The Tower/Add phase of Galakras has a lot of parts, but not many surprises. Biggest tricks are to keep the Bonecrushers off of Varian and don't get knocked off the Towers! Galakras itself is a quick burn: Either the drake dies fast or you do. Helps a lot to split the raid into two groups on the left and right. Iron Juggernaut has a LOT of AoE damage going out! It gave a really rough time at first and we finally beat it by using 4 healers! The enrage wasn't a problem at all, staying alive was the trick.

Once inside, we found out that everything had been calm before. I saw elsewhere that the Dark Shaman is "the Olympics of Not Standing in Stuff." That is an apt description! Poison and Tornadoes and Slimes and Elementals EVERYWHERE! An extremely crazy fight, probably the most nuts in the entire expansion. Darkguns may have died. Often. ;) Nazgrim is quite tame by comparison, except he is VERY ANGRY! We got a very close kill, down to 3%...then he stood next to a Healing Totem and went back to 30%. That one HURT. He went down cleaner the next time.

What horrors lie below the streets of Orgrimmar?