Clearing Out the Halls

Skarn's picture

With access to the lower levels of Orgrimmar, we faced off against Garrosh's strongest supporters, secret weapons and crazy creatures. Taking out Garrosh's lieutenant, Malkorok, didn't take long. A short adjustment to the healing trick and he fell quickly. Busting through the security system around the Spoils of Pandaria took more effort, but not much. It's a big departure from normal raid bosses. As a DPS, I enjoyed the change of pace! Not sure about the tanks and healers. :)

Thok, the hungry dinosaur, was a big change from the previous two bosses. He was a big challenge! A lot of raid damage and a lot of HP to get through. Sounds like Thok has generally been harder for 10-player guilds than 25-player. When we finally got him down, there was only one person left alive. Way to go Swipenrake! Siegecrafter Blackfuse is a fun fight with a lot of moving parts. Not as hard as Thok, but trickier than Malkorok and Spoils. It's a good fight with jobs for all roles in the raid. The last fight in this section of Orgrimmar is the Paragons of the Klaxxi. There's a lot of moving parts to this fight, but it's actually very simple. It was sad to kill my old bug buddies, but they were always clear they would turn against us to help the Old Gods!

With the Paragons exterminated, all that remains is Garrosh himself and his big, purple heart!