Raiding in Draenor

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It's been a long while since Garrosh fell, but he is still making trouble for us. Despite the lack of posts, Game Theory has been in Draenor fighting the Warlords of the Iron Horde. The expansion has been fun with some great story going on and entertaining raids. Currently, we have cleared 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic in Highmaul. We are also 9/10 Normal and 5/10 Heroic in Blackrock Foundry.

Some old faces have returned, others have moved on, and brand new people have joined us! Our newest members are a pleasure to have and we are glad you are here. The Flex system is working fantastically for us! We often run 15 player raids, but some nights drop down to just 10-11. It is amazingly nice to have everyone raid with us and not make anyone sit.

We are having a great time and will continue to raid Mondays and Thursdays in Draenor, from 8:30pm PST to 11:30pm PST. Old friends and new are always welcome! Stand as One for the Alliance and Game Theory, for friends and fun!

(Oh and here is a shot of our Blast Furnace kill. Crazy boss fight, fun and intense!)