The Black Gate Falls

Skarn's picture

Thus did Archimonde fall for a second time, therefore Game Theory took his sweet loot and much rejoicing was to be heard! This was quite the Heroic feat and as a fitting reward, everyone now rides upon a moose! It was a VERY tough fight and the victory was thrilling!

This expansion's raiding has been a lot of fun! In some ways, it has been the best raiding that the World of Warcraft has ever known. The Flex system on Normal and Heroic raids is utterly FANTASTIC for a raid group like ours. I love having everyone raid and not needing to make anyone sit out. Warlords of Draenor has been fun, but it's final raid has come to a close. Old friends have returned and new ones have joined us. We will be here raiding once again when Legion is released later this year.

Thank you everyone for being a part of Game Theory, I look forward to more fun times ahead, beating up demons!