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guldan tips

Three Guldan tips I found on a healing forum this morning
1. You should aim to have no more than 3 stacks on any one person (though Warlocks in particular may be able to take twice that). We were looking for a clearer definition of #, this site says 3 is doable.
2. You should counter Black Harvest with Tranquility, or another large raid cooldown.
NOTE: If a player dies, any souls they had collected go back into the well making the phase incredibly unforgiving. Not sure we knew this...might be why we were having problems unexpected damage from Black Harvest at times when we thought we got all the souls. We should plan a healer rotation if possible.
3. The Empowered Eye of Gul'dan is carry over from phase 2 but with the fire occupying parts of the room it can be much harder to spread out leading to more damage taken. Eye damage tends to be bursty and on top of the ticking DoT damage from Soul Corrosion is much more dangerous than in phase 2. Heroism and personal cooldowns should be used to mitigate the risk. We are using heroism at beginning of Phase 3, maybe consider moving to that transition since we are having problems getting the eyes down?

Just some ideas...

I thought last night we died

I thought last night we died because of fire damage and was ready to post a "don't stand in fire!" reminder, but looking through the log, seems like we're still dying from eyeballs.

Fire is still a problem, but it doesn't seem to be as big a problem.

Sanz in your link 2,3,4,5th

Sanz in your link 2,3,4,5th death are all at the same time and all from Flames of Sargeras.
4 ppl at once.
And the reason - two ppl with debuff where running with melee group.
You may watch replay and start pointing fingers:)
(starting from ~8:08, and it is sooo painful...we where so close).

Now, as our healers get used to damage input and align their cooldowns fire is our _main_ problem. We are dying from eyeballs because 4 dps were dead.

Two things.
1. Looks like not everyone understand how that debuff work. Once you got debuff you do NOT start to spawn fire right away. You have ~2.5 seconds to run away(preferably to the edge) from melee group. Or just run away if you ranged.
Here is a video (literally first one I found):
Nice illustration of how NOT to do that.
The guy got debuff at 7:43, then instead of running to the edge he run to the group and at ~7.45 spawn fire close to the group. But at least not in melee. He should run to the edge.

2. I also feel DBM is not good enough with this particular debuff.
Once you get this debuff you should start moving away from group immediately, not once you start spawning fire.
So I make a quick WA which is flashing and screaming and whatever. So if I get it, there is no way I can possibly miss it. I will recommend everyone to do the same. I can share it but it is actually quit simple.

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Weak Aura

I think sharing the weak aura is a great idea. I have one that I use but it is embedded in a huge pack of weak auras. Why don't you just post yours so people don't have to recreate their own, especially if someone isn't familiar with WA as much.

As far as what happened at 8:08, clearly it is where things fell apart, but I'm not sure that any two people were the cause. We can question lots of things about who ran where and why. But yes, I think the fire is our main problem still.

Something else with fire is to remember that even if you are using movement talents you can still damage your friends. For example displacer beast, monk torpedo, DH wings, etc. If you blink through a friend at the same time you drop fire you will still hurt your friends that you blink through. Some time last night someone dropped fire on me and killed me even though they were using a speed talent to get to the edge.

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I'm on fire!

Things I did not realize about the Flames of Sargeras until AFTER the raid last night:

1. The debuff on you does AoE damage in an 8 yard radius. The patches of fire are NOT the only danger! Running through people causes damage to them!

2. "Shortly after anyone takes damage from this ability, a patch of Desolate Ground will spawn underneath them." This means those three people you splashed as you ran away ALSO drop patches of fire. NOT splashing people will make the fight noticeable easier.

3. "You want to move out the raid, then stand still whilst the debuff ticks twice. At that point you then want to move to the edge of the Desolate Ground patches you have created and allow the remaining patches to spawn there." We can save space by dropping two patches in the same spot. This is a lot like Tyrant Velhari back in Hellfire Citadel!

We gonna get this!

For Science!

Here is my very aggressive

Here is my very aggressive weakaura for : Flames of Sargeras. It will be really hard to miss it.
Alternative link

Hah! Yes, four people died

Hah! Yes, four people died because of running to their friends with fire -- we still have a fire problem -- but we had more die because the eye fully empowered and then started nuking people.

Fire is pretty straightforward: if you have it, run to the edge and then run away from the boss and your friends. Drop it as close to the edge as possible, because a) it gives everyone else an escape route; b) it'll disappear when the purpley AOE of badness happens. Ideally with the MT in front of the boss and everyone else behind the boss, it'll be pretty easy to pull the boss one direction and drop the poop on the other side. DBM also has a warning when you get the fire (I changed my alert to "run away little girl!") and a timer for when the next flames will occur.

Eye, pretty straightforward. Immediate nukeage with everything the raid has.

We do also have the option of

We do also have the option of guldan vantus runes.

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oh yeah

Huh. I actually forgot those were a thing.

Between the ones you bought and the ones Severs bought, I think we are covered for Monday!

For Science!

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