Antorus is on the 28th. What to do until then?

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Antorus is on the 28th. What to do until then?

The next raid, Antorus, opens on the 28th. This basically leaves us with two weeks, since we won't be raiding on Thanksgiving Day(US). So what do you want to do until then?

Raid Tomb for two more weeks? We can probably clear the place within a single night, if we are on point with Kil'jaeden.

Or cancel raids until Antorus?

Or something else? Mess around in some Mythics?

Please post your thoughts!

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Keep going

I think personally we keep doing Heroics and clear it on a least then I know there are a lot of people still looking for BiS before the next raids come out and some like Sanz just need loot in general LMAO! :) Just my thoughts for the next 2 weeks and then take Thanksgiving off and then back at it when they open the next raid.

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I can live with raiding tomb

I can live with raiding tomb one night a week but we haven't yet cleared it all in a single night. If we do go forward with two more weeks in tomb I would prefer that it not become an alt-fest because then we won't get done in one night. I have to admit I enjoyed the break this last week and wouldn't object to a longer break either. I enjoyed playing my alts, doing achievements, hunting mounts/pets, etc that I find I don't have as much time for with two nights in raid.

So I guess my vote is I can compromise to one night a week in tomb without a onslaught of alts if that can't happen then take a break.


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I'm tired of Tomb, but could

I'm tired of Tomb, but could stick it out if people really want loot. It would be more palatable to skip to the last three bosses, but I imagine people want loot elsewhere in there.

If we don't raid, it would be nice to do something, but I'm not sure what. Guild Overwatch/Heroes night? Rated BGs to unlock our artifact tint? Mythic+?

On a related note, how does Sanz not have his 4-piece heroic set bonus yet? What did he do to anger the loot gods? :)

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I'm the with Luv, just really

I'm the with Luv, just really tired of Tomb. Would even go so far to say that I'm down going up to Avatar, but KJ is just a bit too much. I just have no desire to do that fight again unless people need it.
Also totally down for doing something else in the meantime, just say what!

Old-school achievements and

Old-school achievements and Ulduar!

I pretty much show up for the challenge, so I'm game with anything challenging. I'd even be up for pulling together a few good pugs and trying mythics.

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Sadly Ulduar won't be out in

Sadly Ulduar won't be out in this window or I would agree. I would still love to see us get that guild achievement from WoD but we need 16 guildies so I doubt we can pull that off...but a MOUNT!!! Anyway, I'm up for trying some mythics or some other stuff too...I'm just tired of Tomb.

I'm out of town for 1/2 the

I'm out of town for 1/2 the raid nights so consider my preferences with a grain of salt. I'm also a bit tired of Tomb but will go to support others. i would also prefer that if we're doing it, we're doing it for gear for mains, unless we are really deciding to do a silly wipe fest alt night.

Given my preferences, I'd rather we do old achievements or cancel and wait. Things are frantic for me over the two weeks before thanksgiving and I'm not likely to have lots of wow time anyway so I'm just as happy spending the time squeezing my mythic runs in and noodling around on the stuff that won't get done because I'm out of town.

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We have ONE more achievement to do. That's it! Or at least that's all anyone has admitted to. :)

So I'm thinking we do that one tomorrow night in Tomb, call it an early night and then suspend raiding until Antorus launches after Thanksgiving.

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