Gnomefuneral - Priest (Shadow/Disc/Holy)

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Gnomefuneral - Priest (Shadow/Disc/Holy)

This feels super long reading it back, I'm happy to also do a quick voice chat interview on Discord or whatever you guys use.

Tell us tell us a little about yourself.

Yo! I'm a music teacher living in the desert of southern California. Graduated high school in 2000, so I'm a big fan of the TV show "Daria". When I'm not playing WoW these days I play a lot of Overwatch, I make YouTube videos (, I'm in a ska band kinda (, and I'm working on starting up a side business home recording studio. I heard about Game Theory from Skarn, and upon reading the "about" section, your Rule 0 matches my own: Don't be a dick. I like that. It's verbatim my old motto.

What class and spec(s) are you applying with? What other classes have you played? When did you start playing? What guilds were you in? How much raiding have you done? PVP much?
What is your Weakness?

I'm applying as a Priest. Basically whatever role you need me for. I don't care for raiding as Disc, but with the right healer setup it can definitely be made to work. I played a pretty serious Resto Druid in Legion initially, but my guild ended up not needing it so I changed to Priest DPS. I also put a lot of time into Death Knight tanking this expansion, but that was mostly for Mythics because I felt our guild had a shortage of available Mythics tanks. I'm an altoholic, so I'm happy to change to whatever class/spec you may need at any given time. Warlock was my true main for many years, but with the advent of channeled filler spells for Affliction I've kinda changed gears. I started playing WoW at like the beginning of BC, and I haven't unsubscribed since. I was a raid leader for my 10-man guild from Wrath through Cataclysm before I took a break after my daughter was born. I'm a co-founder of said guild called TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA that is still active but has gone a different direction and it just doesn't feel right anymore. Lots of great friends in the group still, but I just wasn't enjoying myself anymore. I played Legion pretty seriously from Launch up until just before they released the Trials raid. I've only ever been in one guild until Game Theory. I used to PVP a lot, but I really don't like the PVP talent system and it's been a huge turn off. My weakness is definitely my initial raiding experience. We raided very well for a group of friends when I started, but I got used to having to fill whatever random role was needed from patch to patch. When Mists of Pandaria came out, my guild had grown large enough that doing so was no longer needed. It was strange to me. I feel like I get bored playing just one character. I always have that urge to fill necessary roles. The Raid Finder system has definitely helped satisfy my need to play multiple characters.

What do you struggle with? What are you working on improving?
What was your favorite gaming moment?

I struggle with remembering the minute details of what changes in WoW from expansion to expansion. I have more IRL projects (and a kid) than I used to when I started and so it's hard for me to maintain bleeding edge information in this ever changing game. I'm ALWAYS working on improving everything, which sounds really cliche, but it's actually what I do. I spend hours smashing target dummies and getting the feel and flow of play styles JUST right. It's the same philosophy I have when it comes to teaching, something called "Best Practice". Just because you're good doesn't mean that you're done. Things are always evolving and so must I. My favorite gaming moment... there are so many in a lifetime of gaming. Back in Wrath, the first raid that my guild full cleared without having to pug anyone was ICC 10. We worked so hard to finish the damn thing, but we did it. It was a really gratifying achievement for me personally because we made it work with whoever wanted to come. No benching people. No hounding anyone to be imba. Just skill and encouragement.

Extra Credit

It's an old log, but I have this
As for my interface, you can see it in action here

Yay for more heals! For

Yay for more heals! For meeeeeee! Skarn, I call dibs. Can I keep him and call him mine?

Skarn's picture

Sanz, no! He's going to kill things to death! But he can still follow you around!

For Science!

It clearly says...

It clearly says...
I'm applying as a Priest. Basically whatever role you need me for. I don't care for raiding as Disc, but with the right healer setup it can definitely be made to work. I played a pretty serious Resto Druid in Legion.


But not Disc. I'm a smurt tank and can reed gud.

>I'm applying as a Priest.

>I'm applying as a Priest. Basically whatever role you need me for

Guess we mostly need SP over disc/holy. And anyway, he is not holy paladin so no heals for you.

Fine, be that way.

Fine, be that way. Fortunately for the rest of you, I'm working on getting my own dedicated holy pally into the raid to tankheal me. I'm playing the long game though. In five more years, he'll be able to stay up past 9pm and raid with the rest of us, and that's only if he finishes his homework first.

Happy to do whatever

I'm steal gearing, but I'm up to 855 at the moment. Been getting sick carries from Lillyauna through mythic +.

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