Healing "standards"

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Healing "standards"

There was lots of discussion last night (sometimes rather heated) about what our healing standards should be as far as ideal group set-up.

I wanted to put some information out based on a conversation that Skarn and I had after raid so that we are all on the same page.

First of all, as a general rule, we aren't going to have a standard configuration for GT. There isn't going to be some perfect 2/4/9, 2/5/15 or anything like that. We are going to be flexible based on the encounter and who is in the raid that night. Most nights we will run 2/3/X when X is 10 or under as we have been doing that successfully for basically all of Nighthold. But there are always going to be fights where exceptions need to be made. It appears the extra healer last night on the final kill on Botanist may have helped smooth over other mistakes to make that kill a little easier and we may find that we need to do that on Guldan too.

We will also obviously adjust as necessary going into Tomb. Like we did at the start of Nighthold we will probably start a little heavy on heals then back down quickly as we see we can.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, please be flexible with your expectations of healer configurations. What may work for other guilds may not be the only answer or the right answer for us. GT has a long history of making things work for us and the raid make-up we have available to us this is yet another one of those situations.

If you do know a healer that would like to join the guild please send them our way. Never hurts to have one more available. We are short one since Solsier isn't around anymore.

One last thing, healers should have mana pots or leytorrent pots with them. I see a few of us use them when we go OOM but not all of us. Doesn't hurt to have them available for emergencies.

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Supporting this post. :) Our melee heavy comp proves that we aren't exactly sticking to a "perfect" raid set-up. If it works, we use it. If it doesn't, we tweak it. Sometimes we fight through it. >.>

General ideas of how many healers and such we need for a fight are welcome, but there is no need to stick to a specific ratio because that's how everyone else does it. No reason to avoid it because everyone else does it either! We try, we test, we fail, we figure it out, we succeed. We repeat differently, hah!

For science!

For Science!

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