Raid Plan in May

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Raid Plan in May

It was announced last week that the next raid, the Tomb of Sargeras, will open in mid to late June. This gives us about six weeks until the next raid. Not only have we cleared Heroic Nighthold, but we have managed to do it in a single night!

For now, we will continue raiding the Nighthold. We will do a full Heroic clear on Thursday. This doesn't leave much for Monday, so for the moment we will take Mondays off. This gives some balance between keeping raiding skills going and taking a break. Towards the end of May, we might pause raids until Tomb opens. We will see how interested everyone is at that point.

Mondays can be used for doing Keystone runs, Dungeon achievements, taking the night off or whatever! Any night we can get 16 or more guild raiders, we will take a trip to Draenor to do the Guild Raiding achievement for a mount! We can also do achievements in Nighthold again, if needed for someone that missed out. You'll need to bring it up though. :)

Thanks all for being a part of Game Theory! Raiding in Legion has been a lot of fun because of this amazing group. We have a bit of a lull now, but Tomb will be here before we know it and we will have new bosses to beat up for loot again!

Everyone can work on getting

Everyone can work on getting their Concordance buff before we start Tomb! :D

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I need most of the Nighthold

I need most of the Nighthold Achieves, and would also love to try again and get Imagine Dragons World Tour from Nightmare.

End of May break

I'm probably going to take a break from raiding till ToS. Hope to see you all there! (also will definitely not be able to make it on june 15th so hopefully ToS is the week after.)

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Thanks for the heads up. A break is understandable. :) Just be back to beat up Kil'jaeden! :D

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