Stocking up on food

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Stocking up on food

We need to start stocking up on food in preparation for ToS. We will need many more feasts than we currently have or have the ability to make to start progression again. All of the below items should be deposited into the Raid Mats tab in the guild bank (last tab).

Our biggest limitation is always Slices of Bacon which require the daily quests to be completed so please start doing those again.

Other items besides bacon we need:
Big Gamy Ribs
Black Barracuda
Highmountain Salmon
Lean Shank
Runescale Koi

Also, feel free to donate the level 300 foods if you have them, one less step for Skarn or I to take ;-)

What are we cooking? I"m

What are we cooking? I"m sure there are some other guildies beyond myself interested in leveling up cooking.

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The 300 stat buff foods go

The 300 stat buff foods go into the feasts. The only request I would make is to not make the items using guild bank mats unless you have the level 3 recipe. Otherwise, yes please, make the items, I would love to not have to do it.

I am on my phone so I don't have easy access to as way to copy and paste the names and links into here but you should be able to find the 5 recipes pretty easily.

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