Heroic Tomb - Some Healer Thoughts

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Heroic Tomb - Some Healer Thoughts

Goroth - Not really having any problems with this, if we want to be a little more organized we could consider a CD rotation for Shattering Star but I'm not sure it is worth it.

Demonic Inquisition - This is one we need to get better at. We need to handle the dispels better. Echoing Anguish needs to be dispelled in a controlled manner, with the player being dispelled after moving out of the group first and away from the spot where people return from the cage. Dispelling triggers an Anguished Outburst, dealing critical damage and applying 10 Torment to players within 8-yards of the dispelled target. My impression is that we were randomly dispelling which basically worked fine for normal, but for heroic the torment adds up so much more quickly that we need to be more controlled to try to avoid adding to it.

Harjatan - Another one that we are basically ok on but if we want to be smoother we could consider a CD rotation for Frigid Blows

Sisters of the Moon - Consider a healing CD for Embrace of the Eclipsehealing absorb so we know it is taken care of. If you can track debuffs on players, track Moon Burn and Lunar Beacon as those players will need significant healing and possible external defensives.

Mistress Sassz'ine - Consider a healing CD for Devouring Maw but otherwise healing is just consistent and painful.

I'll post other thoughts on future bosses when we get there. Any other ideas please let me know.


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DPS Thoughts

Good notes. I read them and then came back later to post some thoughts. I read them again and realized I don't have much to add. Welp. :)

My only note is on the Demonic Inquisition. I didn't even consider dispelling the Echoing Anguish, that sounds like a good idea. One thing I did note is that if you have the Anguish dot on when you hit the Confess button, the dot is removed. I'm not sure if an explosion happens in the "upper" area, but nothing happens in the "lower" realm. Just make sure you are away from people before hitting the button, but if your Torment is high and you have the dot, then it's a good time to go Confess.

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Isn't that interesting. We'll

Isn't that interesting. We'll have to see if there is an explosion at some point. I honestly have to say I didn't have time to notice last time ;-)

I read someplace that groups

I read someplace that groups have a marker for where to go to be dispelled on Demonic Inquisition and other players know to stay away from that spot.

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