So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Sadly this will be where I take my leave from WoW. Life's been progressively getting busier since the start of the expansion as my motivation just isn't what it was (I was probably the only active raider to still not have flying). I really enjoyed my time at GT and it's people which was why i lasted this long. I wish I could have stayed till the end of the expansion but unfortunately I can no longer do 4 hour work nights anymore. Sorry if this was abrupt and thanks for the fun times.


OH POUT!!! Now who am I

OH POUT!!! Now who am I going to whisper to keep me awake during tank swaps?

Sorry to see you go buddy. Best of luck with having better sleep habits in the future.

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I'll start being online for

I'll start being online for Mondays. Take care Cres. Thank you for tanking for us and fair winds to you. Hugs!

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So sad :(

Alas, I kinda expected this. :( I know it's been hard for you with the short nights and lack of sleep. So I can't say I blame you, you have to put your health and self ahead of WoW. Cres, we have loved having you in the guild and raid! You've been a great person and fun to be around. Thanks for stepping up and tanking too.

All the best to you and remember you can always drop by and visit. :)

For Science!

Hey! I want my necklace back

Hey! I want my necklace back!


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Sad to see you go....

Sad to see you go but from someone that has taken an xpac off due to similar issues I totally understand! Thanks for always helping me in all things DK it was always appreciated and I always took your advice to heart as it was always helpful! Hope you still stop in from time to time and say hi!

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