Raiding until Battle for Azeroth?

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Raiding until Battle for Azeroth?

The details:

Antorus is the last raid of Legion! We won't have a new raid for several months. Battle for Azeroth should launch in September (no later than the 21st) and people usually get tired of a raid after 9 months. :)

We have conquered Heroic Antorus, having cleared all bosses 4+ times. We have also finished all the achievements on Normal!

So the question is simple: What do you want to do? You still excited with raiding? Little tired and need a break to refresh for BfA? Want to work on all those class storylines and Mage Tower challenges?

Also, please don't feel pressured to keep raiding if you need a break. We would rather you enjoy your time here and want to see you in Battle for Azeroth!

Please post here and let us know! If there is still interest, we will keep some raiding up. We will probably just do Thursday nights and leave Monday open.

Thank you everyone! It has been a great expansion and we look forward to more!

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I like Euphoric's idea...I

I like Euphoric's idea...I second hers...she will post it in a second.

Hey Skarn,

Hey Skarn,

I was thinking that we could do rotating events (kind of like Blizzard does), so for example have 1 week for "current content", one week for achievement runs, one week for old runs for transmog, maybe 1 for old mythics, 1 for alt runs.... If we posted in advance, people could sign up for the things they were interested in. People could also list things that they would like to see us do, like Severs Black Temple run.

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I like this idea! Rotating

I like this idea! Rotating events would be nice, definitely down for doing some of the older stuff

I like this idea, while I don

I like this idea, while I don't collect the transmogs I would certainly help! I like the idea of alt events... perhaps I could learn how to play my mage. And I am always down for old content, seeing that I missed a lot of it.

~ Newbie Priest (again *sigh*)

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I like Euph's idea!

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I like the idea of rotating

I like the idea of rotating events, especially alt runs. I've been slowly gearing up a few alts to do the artifact challenges.

Just tell me when to show up.

Just tell me when to show up. I'll tank for heals.

Of course, if it's alt-night I might heal for tanks, but that's like bizarro-world where we wipe regularly on easy bosses.

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I am a fan of rotating things BUT going back into Heroic for gear at least once a month as that will keep us sharp heading into the next xpac. I wasn't a fan in the past of achievement runs but don't mind them now and wouldn't mind going back and doing some old content ones to get mounts/pets/etc. Just my thoughts!

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