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The Breaker Blew a Fuse

A new patch with a new raid has arrived and we have jumped right in! The first boss, Jin'rokh the Breaker, blew up! Took a few tries to keep the lightning out of the water, but he was a pretty easy boss to start with. His sparkly personality wasn't enough to keep him around very long! I'm sure there will be much more electricity in the rest of the raid.

Next up is a really big Direhorn with a whole bunch of trolls!

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Afraid No More

The Sha of Fear is dead! The raging emotions of Pandaria have been calmed and we have been declared the Tranquil Masters. With this, Game Theory has cleared all of Tier 14 on Normal mode! 16/16! Spectacular job, everyone! We've even got a few weeks left to do it again before patch 5.2 hits!

This has been a good tier, with a few rough bosses along the way. We've killed most of them in just 2-3 nights each, with a couple taking a bit longer than that. (That would be Elegon and Amber Shaper.) This level of progression with the limited time we spend is quite impressive and is something we should all be proud of! Plus, it's just plain fun! I'm looking forward to more good times with Game Theory! Next?

There's a Storm coming....

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That didn't take Tsulong

Terrace of the Endless Spring has the easiest raid bosses in Pandaria! Even the Elite mode of the Protectors fight was pretty easy. Protectors Elite took less attempts than every boss from Mogu'shan Vaults and the Heart of Fear. The only boss that was easier was Lei Shi! Who only took ONE attempt. Yep, the penultimate boss of this tier was a one-shot! Of these first three bosses, Tsulong was the most difficult, simply because the enrage timer is a little tight. We freed him from his Fear with some stellar healing by our team! We have a great bunch of healers!

One boss left! We did some attempts on the Sha of Fear as well. He is definitely harder than the rest of the bosses here, but he'll go down soon!

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Her Reign is Over!

The Empress is dead and the Heart of Fear is clear! With that we have two instances down and one to go. The difficult part of the fight is not the Empress herself, but the adds she summons. They hit like freight trains until you kill off a few of them. Hardest part of the fight is just keeping the tanks alive when the adds spawn! The rest is very manageable. Mutagen even decided to keep her scepter for himself! He'll command legions of bugs now.

Off to the Terrace of the Endless Spring! We hear it's pretty easy, we'll find out soon!

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Un'sok is a pain in the Amber. His Amber Constructs make this fight very random and tricky. Particularly since anyone can end up as the Construct and have the raid's life in their Amber hands. It took a couple nights of rough wipes, but we cracked his Amber! His Amber Attacks were no match for our Amber Teamwork! Just one boss left in Heart of Fear! Empress is the last name on the hit list!

(Yes, there ARE a lot of skeletons in the kill shot.)

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Swarm No More!

The Wind Lord is probably the easiest fight in this place. He's an odd one where the main strategy is to CC some stuff and AoE everything else. Very strange for a raid boss! It's nice to have an easy boss once in a while, so this was a good break from the previous three + Elegon. It didn't take very long to wipe out Mel'jarak's Swarm after we got past his Big Bug Buddy. Just gotta keep those CCs up and don't step on the Wind Bombs!

AoE the adds. And he dies!

Bring on the Amber!

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Exterminated: Big, Smelly Bug

The Big Bug is dead!

Garalon is an interesting fight with a lot of little pieces. He can't be tanked, just gotta kite; Pools of gunk that never go away; Endlessly healing legs that give melee DPS a boost; All ending in a hard enrage timer where he sits on us. Squish. That happened a few times. We did get all those pieces worked out and crushed him instead! This is a big DPS check fight even after all the strategy is worked out. A rough one that felt oh so good to get past!

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Blade Lord Schooled

This Insect Instructor didn't know enough to stand up to us! Most of the fight was simple, though there is a lot of shifting around his different abilities. The real tough part of the fight is the Tornado Tunnel of Doom after 20%. A lot of unavoidable damage going out with a lot of running around makes finishing him off pretty tough. We finally got him down just a few seconds ahead of the Enrage timer! Way to go!

That's eight bosses down! We're halfway through all the bosses in these three raids now, wooo!

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Mogu-Making Machine Mangled!

These crazy constructs went down faster than Elegon did! There is actually not much going on in this fight aside from the Dance. There are a lot of adds to kill, but that was very manageable. This is a big tanking fight, to see if they can do the Sword Strike Dance! Swipe was out this night, so Aanvil filled in as a tank. Apparently, paladins can Dance! Kulgarr and Aanvil did a great job dodging those slashes. Serelyn also filled in as a healer helping make a kill possible. It's really great that we have enough flexibility in the raid to deal with anything that gets thrown our way! We really appreciate everyone helping out wherever they can. It makes for a truly awesome raid group!

Next: More bugs. Got a can of Raid?

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Elegon Shattered

This starry dragon is a tricky fight with a lot of moving parts, but I think it's pretty fun! It's a hectic one, without much time to catch your breath. Very cool when it all comes together. There was a LOT of damage flying around in the final burn phase! We lost a full half the raid to the Radiating Energies, but the other five pulled it off and killed the Dragon! Well done everyone!

Bananas? What bananas?


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