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Singing Bug Squashed

After some very frustrating low wipes, Imperial Vizier Vor'lok is dead! This singing bug was a pain with his Attenuation rings and mind controls, but we held it together and smooshed him. We worked on the second boss, Blade Lord Ta'yak, for a little while and did really well on him. Down to 35% so it won't be long before he dies.

This week we're focusing on Elegon in the Mogu'shan Vaults. See what sort of starry loot we can get from his shiny corpse!

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Spirit Kings...

We couldn't get a screenshot with a corpse of Garajal because a certain death knight decided to use his brand new knife set on the corpse.

However, along the way we managed (with the help of Leap of Faith and some Symbiosis) to make sure our illustrious AFK leader wound up dead all by himself.

Now on to Elegon and Heart of Fear.

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Feng Dead

Feng is dead! Our tanks are happy to move on to a fight where they can relax.

Feng is dead.
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Welcome Back

Welcome to the new Game Theory website. Create a new account from the link on the right, we'll get it approved, and help us fill the forums back up. Unfortunately I don't have a backup of the old forums to import, you'll have to sign up again and wait for account activation. Post any issues you find in the problems thread.

What happened to our old forums?

Tantred's server was cracked and a phishing site trying to steal credentials for an Australian bank was placed on his server. His provider cut off access until he could correct the problem. As you recall, he's busy working for a startup and doesn't have the free time for get things restored quickly. I've registered the domain and set this site up so we can post raid stuff and cute cat pictures for Neverwind.


From Tantred:

I highly recommend that everyone on the old GT boards consider their forum passwords compromised, even though there's no direct evidence
that they cared at all about what was already there (instead just using it to host their stuff). The passwords were kept hashed (as per whatever phpBB v2.x did), but who knows.


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